Growing up I have always been interested in magic. I loved watching anime about witches and supernatural powers after school or series like “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “Charmed” with my sisters. The characters were so powerful and they had the power to change the world. The idea that you could magically manifest your desires was very intriguing to me. Although the majority of people around me found magic to be laughable and didn’t take it seriously, deep down I still had my love for it, unexpressed and hidden.

Fast forward to the 2010s, my first contact with magic was when a friend invited me over to her place to read tarot cards with me. The Tarot is a deck of cards used to give you clarity on a situation you are dealing with and what the outcome of this situation might look like in the future. I was so surprised by the accuracy of what she said and not to mention how beautiful the cards looked! I was so hooked by that experience that I bought my first tarot deck - and of course, it was the “Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot”. Unfortunately, the excitement didn't last for very long because I was studying dance at the university, aka. I didn’t have much time to focus on learning the Tarot. Nevertheless, I started reading tarot cards for friends and family and myself sporadically. The Tarot was kinda always there, in the background…

It was when the pandemic hit, that I have been reading and researching a lot about topics on the occult, witchcraft, and “the non-tangible” in general. I thought: “This is the time to dive even deeper into tarot, now that I have more time”. That’s what I did. I read about the meanings of the cards, listened to podcasts, watched videos, and ultimately booked a couple of online courses on how to read tarot cards. The more I learned through practice and research, the more confident I became.

The Tarot - my favorite tool for self reflection.

But why would I read tarot? I loved helping (myself and) others get clearer about their situation. Because I believe the Tarot opens up a necessary space for reflection and introspection. Usually, we are overwhelmed by work and things to do, and there is no space in time where we sit down and just process all the experiences. Personally, I am not hooked so much on the idea of knowing what is happening in the future, but what is happening right now. There is so much value in knowing where you are standing in this current moment in life, be it emotionally, physically, mentally and/or spiritually so that you can continue moving in the desired direction with intention. I believe that by deliberately choosing how you want to experience life, you become empowered and not a victim of your circumstances. And for that, clarity is a helpful tool. ;)

Considering my reasons, I started an Instagram page and a Youtube channel back in 2020 under the name “Rayvelation”, where I would share my knowledge and readings with the help of the Tarot. I learned so much about video editing, writing, and also speaking in front of a camera. Obviously, I also got more comfortable reading tarot cards as well. I am very grateful for that phase in my life because it showed me how much I could come out of my comfort zone. But this didn’t last for long, because I didn’t feel like this was the way I wanted to use the Tarot for others. I have decided to delete both platforms in combination with my social media distancing. I wasn’t aligning with the idea of being an “influencer” and I felt like I was just feeding my “spiritual ego”. Funny enough, I didn’t feel sad or disappointed about myself because I “didn’t persevere enough” with my tarot work. In my opinion, that is a learned social behavior put upon us. The perpetuated idea is: “You have to always end something you have started otherwise you are a failure!”. This rule doesn’t apply to everything in life!

Labradorite - a mystical and protective stone which I love to use in my craft.

Going back to magic, tarot wasn’t the only thing I have researched about and practiced. Witchcraft, which is socially seen as the “devil’s work” or something evil was another field I was engaged in. Let’s blame my Scorpio placements in my chart, which love to deal with the taboos and the occult. :) I believe that magic is here to inspire us, it is not here to be feared. And if it is here to be feared, then that is something we have learned. 

I was interested to read about crystals, rituals, the elements, and most importantly about intention-setting. Surely by now, I realized that magic is actually something very logical and tangible. There is a system behind witchcraft that is based on intention-setting and visualizing. This sounds an awful lot like “Law Of Attraction”. :) Side note, if you also want to read about the archetype of the witch, I highly recommend the Book “Witchcraft. The Library of Esoterica” by Jessica Hundley published by TASCHEN. 

“But why bother with all that magic and spirituality?” you may ask. Well, the myths and legends of the past can be used as sources of inspiration to create beautiful art in the now. There is probably at least one favorite movie, music, or writer of yours that deals with themes of the supernatural. As an artist, I find it enriching for the soul to go beyond the boundaries of the mind of what is possible. Moreover, It interests me to see how those “woo-woo” beliefs are actually very logical. In most cases, the idea of working with symbols, writings, and setting intentions reoccurs throughout every field of spirituality, just in different forms. And I love that because I am actually a very evidence-based and skeptical person. There is also science-based evidence, which supports some phenomena in the spiritual field. We just might not have the right tools to see what is “really happening”, yet. But slowly but surely we might be bridging the gap between spirituality and science. Isn’t it exciting? 

Today, I am practicing magic in different forms. Right now, I am pulling daily tarot cards to help me tune into my inner voice. I burn candles carved with words on the full moon to amplify my intentions. I work on my dancing skills to create more magic with my body. I sit down in quiet to rest my mind. But most importantly I am becoming more aware of how my thoughts and beliefs shape my reality, which is a fundamental guideline that affects my craft. 

I see all of these things above as magic because my definition of it is not the one you find in dictionaries. Magic is potential. Magic is power. Magic is art. What is your definition of magic? Might there be also magic in the mundane things? Ultimately, I believe that magic surrounds us. I am looking forward to having more magical encounters in my life. I am open to receiving it - are you??? If yes, then be open to the powerful magic around you and as always…

Keep on shining!